1 month, 3 weeks ago

Today, Apple released iOS 8.3 to the public. This new version include a more diverse selection of emojis, tweaks to quick reply, and various improvement in performance. However, if you are keen on keeping your jailbreak you might wan to stay away. Established hacker MuscleNerd tweeted that the update fixed 39 security bugs and was as monumental as the iOS 7 -> iOS 8 update. Jailbreaks require exploits and it may take some time before… Read More

1 month, 4 weeks ago

A video and several images have surfaced of Apple’s new 12-Inch MacBook that was announced at Apple’s march keynote. The new MacBook sports a new 12″ screen, is much thinner than the current MacBook Air, and utilizes the new USB-C adapter, which will be used for charging, display output, USB devices, and basically any other port you would need on a computer. Check out the images and video below to get an idea of what this… Read More

2 months ago

Today, an interesting leak appeared for the new cheaper iPhone model the iPhone 6C. While it is only a shell, the leak helps solidify the rumor that Apple will be releasing three new iPhone’s this year.  The images originated at future suppliers website and show the difference between the existing model and the prototype. On the front you can tell that the camera flash cut out is no longer round and now more oblong. This could indicate… Read More

2 months ago

  Right now the Mobile Security Summit is taking place in Beijing where famous hackers Comex, P0sixninja, Pimskeks and Chronic will be speaking along with members of TiaG. Reddit and Twitter have gone wild with rumors of a jailbreak happening at 4pm Beijing Time which is 1 AM PST (around 40 mins after this post is published). The rumor was started over a Weibo chat with no sufficient evidence. MMS Info   Currently this rumor is on the… Read More

2 months ago

Even though it is only March new rumors of the next generation phones have hit the web. According to DigiTimes Apple is planning on releasing three new phones the second half of this year.   You may have guessed the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6+ but the third one is more of a surprise. Apparently there will be an iPhone 6C featuring a 4 inch display All of the devices will come equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass, the… Read More