2 years, 11 months ago

Here is today’s list of popular apps that are free for a limited time. They may be paid by the time you are reading this so make sure to check before you download. If you start to download an app on your account the app will be free to download again anytime. We make posts daily so make sure to check out our feed here.

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NFL Flick Quarterback – Full Fat

Forever Lost: Episode 1 HD – Glitch Games

PipeRoll 2 Ages – Navigation-Info Kft.

Invasion Strike – Acceleroto

Dragster Mayhem – Top Fuel Simulator – Euan Potter and Evan Lancaster

Flower Board – Tue Nguyen Minh

Dragon Maze! – Irina Schens

Aiko Island – IceFlame LTD

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Getodo – To-do lists for your circles – Webows

runtastic SitUps PRO – runtastic

Calendar Statistics – Analyze and Visualize your Schedule – Raphael Odermatt

iPictures – Sandra Bener



  • Bradleygatten

    Can you try to do business apps? Not that the games aren’t a great find, but I’m more interested in stuff for business users! Thanks!

  • Ricardo

    Yeah some business or wirk apps will be just great