4 years, 3 months ago

Recently there has been a lot of rumors about the new iPhone or iPhones, supposedly coming in a couple of weeks. Many parts, although their validity has not been confirmed, have been leaked. The parts include, front panel of the N94 prototype, back panel, backplates, case and antenna, more cases, and lastly the battery, camera lens, and audio flex cable. Some speculate that the similarity of these parts to current ones in the iPhone 4 point to a low end, iPhone 4S-type model, as well as an updated iPhone 5. All of these pieces were pretty similar look to the iPhone 4, but just now, images from Greek-iPhone.com surfaced, which show us an 8 MP camera lens with an LED flash and a modified audio cable.

Here is the iPhone 4’s camera lens:

Now here is the iPhone 4s or iPhone 5’s:

Pretty neat isn’t it? The audio cable is pretty nice itself too, but the funky part is, the volume buttons appear to be on the right had side instead of the left. So maybe it will look more like an iPad?

Because many of these parts have major differences from the current parts, there may be a chance that Apple will be updating the iPhone 5 with lots of great new features.