2 years, 10 months ago

Apple have just announced a 128GB full sized retina iPad. This update doubles the previous maximum storage of Apple’s frontline tablet, which touted only 64GB of storing goodness. The capacity bump seems to be the only update to the iPad, and it is still being identified as the fourth generation iPad.

Apple will be selling both a WiFi only version, along with a cellular version, which start at $799 and $929 respectively. There seems to be little bells and whistles about this release, as it was simply announced via a press release on their website. It seems that Apple are noticing that many people are ditching their PCs for iPads, and this storage bump will most likely persuade a lot more people to do so.

  • Gabriel

    The only thing apple needs is to incorporate flash to there iDevices.

    • andres

      actually… cloud storage is the next step, flash are as dead as CD’s

      • techtom

        do you even know what flash means andres?
        It’s not storage like usb flash disk

        • Gabriel

          No buddy is not a flash drive.
          I agree with you HTML5 is the way to go, but a lot of websites have not updated to HTML5 and still realy on flash.

      • http://www.facebook.com/FuurioBR Julio Cesar

        Flash on iGadgets = 2x Battery consumption, random freezes on Safari, slower navigation, more consumption of RAM… You really want this?

    • Dave

      Adobe no longer support flash, why would they bother?

      It’s poor, outdated, badly optimised. HTML5 is much better than flash.

  • Jonny luz

    They asking to much for that ipad I rather buy a Mac

  • migz

    Personally I don’t think it’s worth it. 200 bucks more and i can get a MacBook Air not that I would but that is how I see it.

  • dlawik

    799 nice…

  • dlawik

    799 nice…

  • iloveipad

    Is there will be a jailbreak for newest ipad?

    • iPrimal


    • Beeta7989

      Yes. There will be a jailbreak coming soon for the iPad 4. (Most likely to release this Sunday).

  • iPrimal

    Who the F*** in their right mind would ditch a pc for any tablet?! The world is moving in a way that displeases me.

  • satvik7star

    I may ditch my laptop for a tablet but i will never ditch my Power-house Desktop PC