2 years, 2 months ago

For a long time there have been rumors of an included biometric sensor in the next generation iPhone. They originated from some code found in beta versions of the iOS 7 SDK that was published by 9To5Mac. This information seemed very plausible, however,we were not sure Apple planned to release this new hardware in the next generation.

bqxgg5-cuaaixp6-jpg-largeOther leaks including that on Sonny Dickson claim that they have the actual hardware piece behind the sensor, and that it is planned to be implemented into the new iPhone 5S. The change will be seen in the home button as both the software information and hardware imply. This new feature will most likely be one of the biggest upgrades seen between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. Using fingerprint security may become the new lockscreen.


  • yabadap

    so if the scanner malfunctions or has a little dirt in it, you can’t open your phone anymore… brilliant.

    • josh

      not necessarily because apple had a bunch of idiots like you working for them so that they’d cover everything

      • yabadap

        lols a bunch of devices already have fingerprint scanners in them like laptops… i have one, never used it… takes a long time to scan and sometimes having errors… imagine that on a phone when your in an emergency when there’s dirt or blood in your hand. you’ll be dead before you can open your phone.

    • Lee Martin

      Any different from if your forget your password?

  • Stephen Alan Terry Jr.

    They are going to catch criminals real quick with this thing

  • Stephen Alan Terry Jr.

    I wont be suprised when somebody cuts a finger off of another person to open their phone like on the movie Demolition man. Except that was his eye

  • Jj

    Arnold used a chopped finger in 6th day… Lol

  • Mussels

    are people forgetting that you could skip this and unlock it normally? if you chop your finger off, or its covered in blood like someone else mentioned (stop murdering people, or wear gloves!) then you can just use the regular passcode?

    its not like turning this on turns off the other unlock features.

  • Axel

    Now, when some bad guys will steal your phone, they will also cut your finger. GREAT IDEA !

  • tonyvpb

    In general the finger print scanner is a great idea and something awesome to have, with that being said you don’t HAVE to use it. In my personal opinion I do think a passcode is safer, for example, if someone asks for your passcode you could simply not tell them, with the finger scanner they can acquire an unlock of your phone by force. That being said, it’s a convenient feature for the average person, and usually you are allowed to scan multiple, if not all of your fingers.