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While the App Store generally provides a clean and  pleasant experience, every once and a while a huge ripoff posing as another application climbs the rankings. In the past there has been a fake Cydia, Temple Run, Pokemon and many more popular titles, and they become convincing when the scammer switches the screenshots to display content not associated with the application. Starting today (1/9/13) Apple locked in screenshots requiring a resubmission run past a review team before the change is granted. Hopefully this change will clean up the App Store for the better, what do you think?

  • sparky1570

    about time…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1842957760 Mojtaba Alkhalifah


  • http://overreviewtech.blogspot.com/ Sergey Karchmit

    Im confused.

    • M


  • Dogys2


  • http://twitter.com/clintscrazylife Clint Westwood


  • Papas in

    Been telling about about this for months. I called every week! No shit! Every week! I’m glad Apple is doing something about this huge issue! Apple did something right! ??

  • Papasin

    My opinion some off these apps that Apple lets through can fuck up a idevice. I have seen apps come and go because those apps are shit!! No updates from them, no support and so on. You buy a dozen apples, not every apple is gonna be perfect. Get it now.

  • ModernSpartan

    Good, no more installous fakes