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While the public version of iOS 7 has still not gone public, Apple is already starting work on the next firmwares iOS  7.0.1, 7.0.2, and 7.1. The data is not completely conclusive, and is tracked using user agent data from website traffic generated from cities around Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino.  This method has been used numerous times in the past to tell when we were on the edge of a new fimware update. iOS 7 is a complete change and will probably require many new updates to fix bugs along the way.


These updates will surely interfere with the jailbreak scene as they pose a problem to any upcoming iOS 7 jailbreak. That being said if a jailbreak is released for 7.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2 or 7.1 Apple will probably be quick to patch it in the following weeks. While we don’t expect a new jailbreak anytime really close to now, we will probably see one like that of Evasi0n which was released at the .1 release a few months after the next big OS leap of last year. Jailbreaks are hard to predict as new exploits can be used quickly or take forever to form a final product. One thing is for sure, and that is that Apple has beefed up their security over the last few years and hacking the new software will be nowhere as easy as it used to be.

  • elli choukry

    ohhh please come on quick baby jailly

    • Mussels

      its weeks away, at the earliest. it might not come out til 7.1

  • Snailpo

    What color of 5s should I get?

    • alanaktion

      The invisible one. They’re overpriced crap, go with a 5S or an S4 :D

    • f9-qwVGE

      color is 5c 5s is gold no other color

      • Tysheem Marcel Flippen

        5s comes in more than gold.. 3 selections

  • Jack H.

    With as reformed as the new IOS will be, I’ll bet that there is more material to work with on the jailbreak scene. Granted, something more hardware based in the break would be best (see the A5 chips as an example…), I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a jailbreak much faster than usual since there’s more “new” crap to find security holes in.

  • Барада


  • Mike Galvez

    for me iphone will be useless if theres no jailbreak.. if that happen i wont be getting the next iphone ill go with samsung instead

  • BigStretch777

    Apple will never stop the rebelution!! Pig corps like Apple must face the music and go opensource!!

  • jailbreakex0

    New Untethered JB for iOS 7 ;) (actually only WIN version)

    Go to: ex0dus-jailbreak, c o m

    • sarmenhb

      FAKE!!!! the jb team never releases only for windows… their linux people they release it for mac, windows, and linux. idiot. next time make this crap for every os if you want people to install crap on their computers.