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Apple today sent out another email regarding the recent disruption of service to Apple Developers, as the online portal and nearly all of the different services have been disabled by Apple following an unauthorized access attempt. Up until now, Apple has been focusing on a complete reconstruction of the systems in order to prevent something like this from happening again.

We’ve been working around the clock to overhaul our developer systems, update our server software, and rebuild our entire database. While we complete the work to bring our systems back online, we want to share the latest with you.

The email outlines Apple’s current plan regarding the restoration of the services, with the developer forums, libraries, videos, and Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles among the first planning to be brought back.

We plan to roll out our updated systems, starting with Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, Apple Developer Forums, Bug Reporter, pre-release developer libraries, and videos first. Next, we will restore software downloads, so that the latest betas of iOS 7, Xcode 5, and OS X Mavericks will once again be available to program members. We’ll then bring the remaining systems online.

Apple has also provided a link to this status page, which reveals the current availability of all the various developer systems. iTunes Connect has remained available throughout this entire ordeal, and at the time of this writing, Apple Bug Reporter is the only system back online so far.

Overall, Apple has handled this situation very well, with a prompt response when a problem was realized and good communication to those affected. As was stated before, any developers with accounts set to expire during this downtime will receive free extensions so that their apps remain in the store. Keep checking back for more updates about restored services.

  • Joseph Isaiah Cruz

    I think iOS 7 Beta 4 will take days to be available :(