According to a report today from Bloomberg, Apple could soon be making a switch from using Intel processors in their Mac computers. Since 2005, Apple has shipped all their Mac products with Intel processors, so this is a big new step the company could be taking. According to Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. (AAPL) is exploring ways to replace Intel Corp. (INTC) processors in its Mac personal computers with a version of the chip technology it uses in the iPhone and iPad, according to people familiar with the company’s research.

If these sources are trustworthy, Apple will be making a transition to ARM-inspired processors in their computers, which currently power the iPhone and iPad. However, while this switch is in the works, we wont see the product of it for a couple mor years at least:

As handheld devices increasingly function like PCs, the engineers working on this project within Apple envision machines that use a common chip design. If Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook wants to offer the consumer of 2017 and beyond a seamless experience on laptops, phones, tablets and televisions, it will be easier to build if all the devices have a consistent underlying chip architecture, according to one of the people.

If Apple does decide to make the switch, it will be in the interest of faster, cooler, and thinner products, so only good things can come of this. Stay tuned for any more info in the coming weeks or months, as we will be sure to update you.

  • chase

    So basically they’re gonna start copying Samsung.

  • MCKingCreeper

    You misspelled “more” in the 2nd paragraph. :P

  • G40sty

    There would eventually be a downside to this. Running Windows on Apple hardware could possibly phase out, and this would at some point also prevent hackintosh computers from being built. While a plus for Apple, it’s a negative for hackintosh activists.

  • john22gg

    I wonder..

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