2 years, 9 months ago

In an interesting move today, which is good news for the friends of any Apple employees, Apple has relaxed the three device limit for employees’ family and friends purchases. This has been Apple policy for a while, so it could be a showing move that Apple is finding ways to spend their enormous cash pile.

Up until now, Apple has given employees a 15% discount on up to three items (hard limit) from a category of device, which could be applied to purchases for family and friends. Now however, Apple says they are leaving it to a “judgement call”, but that employees should not buy a device for all of their Facebook friends. Here is Apple’s official statement to employees:

Use your discretion when determining “reasonable quantities” purchases for friends and family. There isn’t a specific number limit — it’s a judgment call.

For example, buying iPod devices as gifts for your nieces and nephews at a 15 percent discount is fine.

However, advertising a 15 percent discount on Apple products for all of your Facebook friends is not. If you have questions about what is considered reasonable, contact your HR representative.

Essentially, Apple has opened up the discount to an unlimited number of devices, as long they are justifiable and reasonable. So go out and find yourself an Apple employee to befriend!

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    15 % off a laptop (mac) it’s not exactly what i would expect when working for apple. and in fact i wouldn’t even buy Apple products for friends and family, in fact am not even the kind of guy accepting a job in a retail store therefore, Apple would have just to put up with supplying phones and laptops for work related tasks, marc

  • Happy

    Now that I have a jailbroken iPhone 5, don’t give a shit about what apple does.

  • Papasin

    Who cares!!

  • Eriks

    All i got to say for the employee’s of Apple, better than nothing. :)