It’s always big news when Apple patents a technology that is yet unseen in their current devices, and often gives clues as to what upcoming features we could be seeing in the near future. Today, two patents were published that show two very interesting new concepts that we could see in upcoming products.

iDevice Fans

If you’ve ever seen the above screen on your iPad, then you know that overheating is sometimes an issue, especially with iPads. This is primarily due to the fact that iPods, iPhones, and iPads don’t have fans to cool themselves down like Macs do, so they have to rely on being thin enough to naturally cool off in the air. Unfortunately, as Apple ads more computing power to their devices, this becomes less and less viable. According to Consumer Reports, the new iPad runs an entire 12 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the iPad 2.

Fortunately, Apple’s new patent details a design for a small motorized fan that would help cool off the device when it begins to overheat, keeping it functioning longer and faster. While it is unclear exactly how a moving component like this would fit in an iPad or iPhone, leave it to Apple to figure out how to make this as thin as possible. Read the full patent here.

Dock Packaging

Another interesting patent, uncovered by PatentlyApple, details a new form of packaging for iDevices, that would not need to be thrown away after unpacking the device, because the casing itself would actually serve as a dock. Considering Apple docks are usually pretty expensive, this would be a very cool addition to the packaging.

That essentially sums up the new Apple patents today, but stay tuned for any more news, because Apple is always trying to protect their intellectual property.

  • James

    Never new that error screen existed… its like 93F where i live and i’ve never had that screen come up after long period of use…

  • odedo1

    America sent me to the desert if you catch my meaning and its much hotter then 93F still got no error screen but I use Zagg protective shield front and back also I got a leather with a keyboard case and one day when I pulled the iPad out off the case I did noticed that on the back side the Zagg shield is not clear any more it’s getting dark like I guess the heat is burning the glue that hold the back protective shield.