According to a report from Patently Apple, a site dedicated to keeping an eye on what Apple files patents for, Apple has just filed for a parent on a software system that enables 3D object recognition, among others. The most obvious use for such a system, which in fact is mentioned directly in the patent, is facial recognition. Essentially, this would allow you tol authenticate your device by simply pointing the camera at your face, potentially even removing the need for a pass code. We have seen a system similar to this on the iPhone before, in the form of a jailbreak tweak but if Apple does end up implementing this then it would be far better and secure.

The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today and one of them was a real surprise. Apple has been granted a major patent for 3D object recognition that will allow future iPads to advance graphics like MRI images for use in hospitals and other enterprise and military applications covering high-end security systems using advanced biometrics. Apple secretely acquired this patent at some point in the past from Swedish inventors. When the connections to this patent unfold, you’ll be both surprised and excited about what this means for future iOS devices.

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