2 years, 6 months ago

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Late Wednesday night, Apple discontinued the fourth generation iPod Touch which could be bought as the lowest model earlier this year. They now feature a new device that resembles the newer 5th generation model in many ways. It uses the new lightning connecter instead of thirty pin, contains a four inch retina screen similar to the iPhone 5 and new iPod Touch. It does however lack some big features such as a back facing camera, the loop strap feature, and the ablilty to customize it in any color other than black or white. The device will cost you $229 and only comes in the 16GB model because upgrading the memory will land you a full featured iPod Touch 5G.

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  • godjerin

    then why does it have a camera app

    • Robert

      Because of the front camera

  • Penglong

    Useless…….No rear camera and the prize is not low. 32GB iPod 5th is the best of all iPod models.