2 years, 4 months ago

Update: it is over

Today, Apple began allowing downgrades to iOS 6.0.x which is quite unusual and will probably be changed very soon. If you upgraded past 6.1.2 and can’t jailbreak now is your time to downgrade and jailbreak before it is too late.



1. Download the 6.0.1 or 6.0.2 firmware for your device.

2. In iTunes hold the (alt key on Mac / shift key on Windows) while clicking restore.

3. select your firmware and downgrade.

4. Jailbreak using evasion!

  • himaxis

    does anyone got it downgraded?

  • francie

    amazinfg thanks

  • weirdfate

    NOOOOOOOOOO! This is what i get for spending the day with my family and not parked in front of my pc?? Damn it to hell!!

    • Sad

      Same here :( I blame the family

      • jonny

        same here :|

        • Person1234

          Same here ;(

          • Denis Bobovnik

            Same here :(( FUCK

  • Vincent

    I think I’d rather stay on iOS 7 Beta.

  • Dan


  • Necro

    this shit dont work and never did

  • Ryan

    Damn you JailbreakNation! Don’t get our hopes up like that! This error with Apple was so small there was no point in posting anything about it. If there is a new jailbreak release, go mental! Why not?! But with a little error with Apple that lasts around an hour, don’t bother!

  • kris

    this shit was a fake !!

  • jasn

    bullshit does not work stop wasting everybodys time

    • Tomasz

      The window was open for 30 mins dumbass!

  • Tan Zhi Kai

    NOOO! Hacker, you can hack it again! I hate iOS 6.1.4 and iOS 7

  • Christopher Butera

    2 days after this post went up and same error message over and over

    • tomasz

      Please read the update – it’s over. Apple messed up for 30 mins – that’s it.

  • Carly

    doesn’t work. says apple can’t downgrade this phone..

  • JEST

    Im confused. I’ve tried. Get an error. Somebody please explain in detail what we can do to downgrade cause I hate that 6.1.4 isn’t jailbreakable. pleasssssee and thank you

    • tomasz

      This worked for 30 mins. Read the first line of the post – it’s over.

  • jubilula

    Is NOT working.

    • tomasz

      It worked for 30 mins… so yeah, it isn’t anymore. Read the update at the beginning of article.