3 years, 7 months ago

One of the iPhone 4S’s biggest selling points has been its voice controlled assistant, Siri. Within weeks of the release, developers in the jailbreak community managed to create a port of Siri to non-4S devices, entitled Spire. However, according to reports, it now seems that Apple may be cracking down on these devices using Siri. From iDB:

Apple has added a newSetActivationToken to the mix, and this has caused issues for those trying to use 3rd party servers. Fortunately, there does seem to be a work-around, at least for the meantime.

It is not clear whether this is a planned update for Siri, or a method Apple is using to fight unauthorized usage, but a fairly simple workaround has been discovered.

To fix these latest Siri server issues, it has been reported that a purge of the com.apple.assistant.plist file located in the var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ directory remedies the issue.

There have not been consistent reports as to whether or not this works, or even that the problem exists, so feel free to say what you have experienced in the comments section.

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  • EmoChipmunk

    first… and good luck apple ;3

  • EmoChipmunk

    apple vs hackers xD

  • civicfeen98ek

    This is some bullshit man:'(

  • RyanBryson


  • Dvdxploitr

    Purging the Plist didn’t work for me

  • forntonio

    OMG! Apple is retarded! Can’t they just leave us jailbreakers and the developers alone? They should gte a life…

  • Endman Safe

    im selling spire proxy servers for 6$ one, i habe only 10 servers. Aftet 0:00 today gmt+1 , im not selling servers. Udid needed, contact me on: adwinrita@gmail.com

  • dbp

    i want to make a google api siri proxy server… i dont know how but ill pay for the server if you know how to do it.