3 years, 2 months ago

As you might have heard, Apple released their iPhone 5 today and it was available in stores. One prominent feature on the iPhone 5 is Lightning Charging. Beforehand, ever Apple device used the 30-pin dock connector and it was a pain. Some problems included the fact that it wasn’t reversible, it was bulky, and just too big! With Lightning Charging, the cable itself looks sleeker, is 80% thinner, and is reversible. Stay tuned for more iPhone 5 coverage!

  • OuttaControl

    While I do think the 30 pin charger needed a major overhaul, it’s disappointing that my iphone 5 will now need all new adaptors.

    • reaper2794

       @OuttaControl It’s called technology. We can’t cater to everyone’s needs just because they’re too cheap to buy new stuff. Adapt, or get left behind. Disappointing but that’s how it is.

  • JBpro4u

    It’s I think better & good new cable for new good looking phone..
    It’s really nice..