3 years, 4 months ago

After Apple invested in glass cutting machines last year, rumors started flying that the next iPhone would have a display made from curved glass. We have not seen any substantial evidence of this claim, but that hasn’t stopped people from hoping. Now, Federico Ciccarese, and Italian designer, has published some beautiful concept images about what that device might look like, as well as a way it could be mounted right on the back of your hand. Check them out below.

Obviously the chance that we will see anything like this in the fall is extremely low, but they do make for some beautiful images. And it is entirely possible that the next iPhone will have a curved display, just not quite so dramatic.

  • MagedHanafy

    id get that

  • RaphaelSantos

    Stop smoking pot before draw, that never gonna exist… there are a plenty of devices that uses curved glass already.. way different form that

    • akilmarshall

       @RaphaelSantos stupid cunt what the hell is wrong with you.  if some guy never wanted a screen that he could touch to interact  with we would never have had the technology.  so stop being a fucking wet towel and stfu

  • JaymesMoynihan

    @ Raphael Santos, stop being a fucking buzz kill!, 

  • AlexandroLopez

    It doesn’t look good at all… -___-

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