3 years, 8 months ago

AppSwitch provides a particularly functional & surprisingly practical method of accessing your 4 favourite apps. This is a kind of ‘alternative dock’ which is placed within your app switcher and permanently resides there until you change them. Tweaks like these are my favourite type, not particularly intrusive, and feel like they are part of iOS themselves. This of course, not a necessity, but if you are looking for a quick method of accessing some apps that you can’t fit in your dock, this would be an excellent choice.

It is avaliable for free from the BigBoss Repo, and is created by Ron Melkhior.

  • BryanTrinh

    Does it make your ipod touch slower

    • Thegun

      are u retarted…. all tweaks doesn’t makes lag unless it fails

      • ModdeyDo

         Well actually you are wrong, for every app you install your iPhone has less memory to use, so the more apps you have installed the slower your phone gets.. Who’s the retard now?

        • BryanTrinh

           @ModdeyDo thank you you tell him!