2 years, 3 months ago

The Audio Technica AT2020 USB Microphone is great. It is a cardioid USB condenser microphone that gives the user the utmost quality. Setting this beauty is easy as pie. Simple crack open the box, attach the microphone to the stand, and then plug in the proprietary USB cable provided. It is as easy as that. You can adjust the gain, volume, and even plug in a pair of headphones for monitoring. This microphone really gives the user all they need to start recording premium audio. It is nice that Audio Technica has included the gain adjustment on the microphone versus doing it on your recording software on said device. Overall, the quality of this microphone is above-par for a USB condenser, and I’d recommend it!

What do you think of the Audio Technica AT2020 USB Mic? Would you pick one up for the cheap price? Let me know in the comments below!

Buy a Audio Technica AT2020 Mic here! 

  • Stephen McCullough Jnr

    That’s not a propitiatory cable, its A USB-B Cable lol most printers use them



    • not a dictionary

      nevermind… im idiot

  • Skips

    Its awesome! I have it too, totally worth it. Super awesome quality

  • SimplerWebs

    I have not yet tested Audio Technica AT2020, Blue Yeti Pro nor the Blue Snowball. can someone recommend the best one among these three? money is no object but high quality sound recording is Paramount!