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The number of packages within Cydia is a large one. There are multiple packages that do the same thing, ones which don’t work and some which have no function whatsoever. However there are also a small minority that perform a task so well, they could slip straight into Apple’s next operating system and no notice would be taken. Auxo is one of these tweaks. From iOS 4, the app switcher has been hidden under the screens of Apple’s iDevices, and it’s about time they shifted things about, and they would do well to look at how the developers and designer behind Auxo have gone about it. It’s an extremely advanced and well polished app switcher improvement, and I’ve taken it for a spin in the video below:

Apple are in certain need of a ‘spruce’ up of their mobile operating system, and this could be one of the ways in which they go about it. With a beautiful slick interface, Auxo delivers in both aesthetics and functionality. For the tiny asking price of $1.99, I can wholeheartedly recommend this tweak more than any I’ve covered this year. It’s a small price to pay considering the development time that’s gone into it. I should know, I’ve been following them through the project. If you get a chance, go and thank the team for their hard work, as they’ve made the jailbreaking community that one bit more Awesome.

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