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iPhone concepts have never been few and far between. Designers are constantly designing, innovating and conceptualising new features in iOS, or on future hardware. They do this for a number of various reasons, one, it’s a great challenge to come up with an engaging and potentially usable concept, two, they gain a huge amount of traction if they meet the first criteria.

FranSnk3d who posts a ton of great concepts on his YouTube channel has created a fantastic concept in which an iPhone projects not only a keyboard, but a Mac OS X display, onto a surface. It’s very cool, check out:

Of course, tech of this caliber is some way off in the future, but it’s some way off into the future – if it will even be implemented at all. It’s great to see how this kind of thing may develop, as it’s certainly something that would be incredibly impressive to see this much capability inside as small package as an iPhone.

Unfortunately, it’s not likely that we’ll see an iPhone transformer any time soon, at least is a decade is my guess.

  • gradyphilpott

    It will take some serious advancements in battery technology to make that happen, unless of course, you plug it in.

  • Manu

    This one is going straight to Fox News.

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  • Mike

    we’re not that far off from that future. I’ve seen keyboards that work from a USB and they project onto the desk while other devices can project a small image onto a wall from a desk. It would just take some time to combine the technology because there would need to be a lot of RAM to keep the iphone from lagging and it would take some time before they make an iPhone with more than 150 GB memory capacity. Hell, right now I think the biggest is 64 GB, soon it’ll be 128, then 256 and so on.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    this is not a concept, more likely to be a SCI-FI movie trailer. (a SuperiPhone version of SuperCar AKA K.I.T) David Hasseloff too old for starring this series, who are You planning to hire? i guess PIXAR would be interested in Your skills, try sending the clip over to their attention. marc