2 years, 7 months ago

It has long been rumored that Apple will be launching a second iPhone model along with the 5S, expected to be released this summer. Now, a part has surfaced in the supply chain that doesn’t fit any device we have seen so far, and returns to the plastic backing of the iPhone 3G and 3GS, but with the form factor of a newer iPhone.

The leak comes from Tactus, where some specs of the case can also be found.

It’s also intactresting to see that the plastic shell measures in at 0.4-0.6mm thick, however the actual phone might be around 9mm thick, 120mm in height and around 62-65mm in width, which means it’s likely both taller and wider than the iPhone 4/4s.

Some have commented that this backplate looks cheap, or fake, but keep in mind that this would be the backplate of an iPhone specifically designed to be much cheaper. That being said, there is always the possibility that these leaked parts are elaborate fakes, so it is important to think about what you are seeing.

Since one of Apple consumer’s most common complaints is the phone’s screen size, it makes sense that Apple would be sizing up the screen for a smaller model. With the pixel density of the iPhone 4 and 4S, the resolution wouldn’t even need to change in order to keep the display looking sharp.

A new cheaper iPhone would allow Apple to break into new markets, where the iPhone is still largely considered a luxury item. Considering the rate at which Apple has been growing and selling devices, they will need to find new markets in order to continue their growth.

Whatever Apple has up their sleeve for the next iteration of iPhones, we will be seeing the announcement this summer at WWDC. We will be updating throughout the whole keynote, so make sure to keep checking back for when the time of the keynote is released.

  • Facu Loyarte

    Must be an error.. 0.4 -0.6 mm is like paper thick..