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iOS 6 Cydia Picks is a recurring show on JBN, where I show you various different packages that I think you’d enjoy installing on your jailbroken devices. I use an iPhone 5 to demonstrate, therefore the iPod Touch 5G will work with all of these packages, along with most devices that can be jailbroken.

In this week’s episode of Cydia Picks, it’s entirely focused on tweaks. This being said, most of these tweaks change the look and feel of iOS itself – so if you’re into theming, don’t go anywhere! Also, a fantastic new addition to Cydia which rivals the notification management system ‘Velox’. The video below will highlight more:

The tweaks highlighted in this week’s episode, in order of appearance, are below:

  • Subtlelock, $1, BigBoss.
  • Badger, $0.99, BigBoss.
  • Masks, $1.99, BigBoss.

What do you think of my selection this week? Any critiques, be sure to leave them in the comments down below. We’re currently running a community driven project to create the Perfect Jailbroken iPhone, so if you haven’t checked that out yet and provided your selection, be sure to do so!

  • Raul Larson

    6.1.3/6.1.4 Untethered Jailbreak is available for all iDevices.

    See the release at WWW.evasi0njb.NET

    • Julian Kinet


      • Tom Richardson

        Don’t worry, we’ll be banning this account soon.

  • Asad Khan

    where are you from tom?

    • Tom Richardson

      South of the UK!

      • Julian Kinet

        Honestly i prefer peekly+ to subltelock although i do prefer badger to velox….

  • Faisal Almazmi

    Tom my phone is slow help me please :( tell me what to do !

    • Tom Richardson


      • Julian Kinet

        Or download speed intensifier(?) I think it’s free…

  • disqus_WHvtbjLLE6

    there is a bug in the subtlelock app.. it keeps changing the time format from 13:22 to 1:22 if you have it on 24h format and 01:22 to 1:22 if you have it on 12h format.. this is happening every time you unlock your phone.. could someone tell me why is this happening?

    • Julian Kinet

      Try and put an analog clock

  • moe22

    dude your voice is so epic.

    • Tom Richardson

      Ha! Thanks.

      • Julian Kinet

        I detect a slight british accent, am I not correct? XD

        • Tom Richardson

          Very british :)

  • Waih

    I installed badger and it doesn’t work or activates. Please help!!!

  • Ciobanescu Bogdan

    You use Iconoclasm? If yes tell me your Layout please

  • Michael

    The confusion around jailbreaking phones with redrain, redsnow, whited00r, singler, cydia, pwnage… Is alley confusing. Each time I have jailbroken, with different tools, the instructions were pretty clear. However, I couldn’t say which is better or what the benefits of each are. If like a step by step, from unboxing, of how to make the perfect iphone. Best mail app, best text app, best calander app, best reminder app, best tweets, etc.

    • MichaelMichael

      Should have read *tweaks* not tweets at the bottom.

  • Player 2 is Down

    CustomGrid 2 doesn’t work for my iPod 4g 6.1.3 :( HELLP

  • Rohit Girijan

    Can u post the link for ur iron man 3 lockscreen here ?