3 years ago

The iPad Mini has been out for a little under 2 weeks now, and I’m absolutely loving mine. From my iPad Mini Review, you can see that I prefer the 7.9″ form factor much more than the 9.7″. One of the main reasons the iPad Mini is so polished is because of the huge App Store available to it. However there are so many applications how do you know which are good? Here’s how! I’ve put together a video showing you 3 of my favourite iPad Mini Apps so far, but they also work on any other iOS device to my knowledge.

All apps aren’t new releases, so you should have no problem finding them within the App Store. My personal favourite is Crazy Taxi, as it really brings you back to a retro era of gaming, and it’s a fantastic port of the original SEGA game.

I’m curious to know what your favourite game for your iOS device is? Tell me below what it is, along with what device you own!

  • Anonymous

    whay is the second game called?

  • Martin

    Riptide gp

  • MNS

    CRAZY TAXI!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JakSocket

    Minecraft pocked and order & chaos. Owned 4s and ipad mini

  • steve

    can order and chaos be played on ipad mini?