2 years, 7 months ago

Over the last week, there have been many new jailbreak tweaks, two of which caught my interest. Instead of including them all I thought I would focus on the best as quality should be valued over quantity when it comes to tweaking your device. Both are 100% free and relatively easy to install.

TouchPal (Free): Touchpal offers a keyboard with a Swype like feature that allows the user to type words without lifting their finger off of the screen. A blue line connects all the letters of the word in order and inserts it into the text field that is selected. Installing will require the App Store application that can be downloaded by searching “TouchPal”. Once installed, open Cydia and search “TouchPal” again. Install the package named [Chinese characters] For iOS6/5 (TouchPal) and reboot as prompted. Next, open settings > default > keyboard > keyboards then tap add and select the one named “Touchpal (English)”. Next time your keyboard pops up hit the globe until the Touchpal keyboard shows up. Swipe right or left to get to the right keyboard type then tap the little A icon to enable the swype like feature.

Badge Customizer (Free): Badge Customizer allows users to customize then look of the badges that show up on the icons on the homescreen. It contains options to change the color, alpha, size, location and more.


  • Joke Jong

    I used touchpal and bought their awesome keyboard for my Windows Mobile 5-6, used it for 2plus years. it’s really awesome! I installed touchpal for ios when they released it, wasn’t that awesome.. but now with the Cydia keyboard… WOWOOOO!!!! The Keyboard is ALIVE!

    • Thariq

      Which cydia Keyboard ?

    • rhondahz

      How do you get color keyboard to work with touchpal

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.bates.9231 Chris Bates

    so i downloaded this and followed the installation instructions that you gave but the button on the keyboard to turn swipe on and off is not appearing :/ iv tryed turing off siridr (im makein the best of a 3gs lol) beacuse the siri button is where it seems to be located on your tutorial, and color keyboard but still no button ;(

    • http://www.facebook.com/chris.bates.9231 Chris Bates

      nevermind i figured it out

      fyi you can’t use touch pro if your using the “SwipeSelection” jailbreak because you can’t switch between keyboards

  • enc

    hi is there any way to add the German keyboard?

  • Pipo

    There isnt any clean,easy to use port for swipe out yet, isnt it?

  • nish

    yea the swipe keyboard can’t work with swipeselection, so instead install the tweak “swipeshift caret” or something, which is essentially the same thing but you slide the text to move the cursor rather than sliding on the keyboard.