4 years ago

Lately the big discussion about the iPhone 4 is about its terrible battery life. I made an article recently about a good way to help save your battery on your iPhone, but this way will help you manage it better. It is a new app that was released into the App Store by Philips called BatterySense. It shows you how much longer you can use your iDevice for in each category such as game play, stand-by time, etc. You can also set “Goals” for how good your want to battery to perform. This app has been very accurate for me so far. Hopefully it will help many 4S users who have been having trouble managing their batteries. Check out my video walk through of the app below.






  • LucasErmitañoGantioqui

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  • nunley15

    well the update 5.0.1 was made so hopefully that helps.

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  • jauhari

    This is only display? and not optimize?

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    Not bad I guess. I wish it Actually improved battery instead of giving tips. All things Apple Giveaway

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    That s good

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