2 years, 2 months ago

Only a day after iOS 7 was released a security hole was uncovered that allows users to view a users photos on a locked device. The glitch allows the users to open the multitasking tray on the victim’s device and while most applications will not open the camera app will, and it allows anyone to view all of their victims photos. This is already reason enough for Apple to release a new firmware to fix the problem.

1. Flick up the control panel.
2. Tap the calculator app.
3. Hold the sleep button until the power down sequence pops up.
5. Tap cancel, then immediately tap the home button twice. On the second tap hold for a second.

  • Gin


  • Shawn Wright

    If the camera icon is in the bottom right, then you can just use that

  • Craig Murphy

    What happened to step 4?

  • ABTC

    this is easy just turn off access to the control center from the lock screen in settings while Apple fix it

  • Lava

    no other apps are opening except the photo albums…

    • JoeKai

      did you even read the description -_-?

    • MushMash

      open the “share” menu while viewing a photo, then you can open messages and email!

  • Anonymous

    wow….unsurprisingly there are bugs already discovered

  • MushMash

    After getting into the photos app, you can open the “share” menu, and from there you can send text messages, e-mails, view and edit contacts etc.

  • anonymous2

    it doesn´t works i tried with my ipod touch 5 and didn´t happened anything

  • Anonymous

    also ios7 on the iphone 5 keeps crashing….hope apple releases a fix soon.

  • Nix McIntosh

    I tried on 4S and it did not work. Maybe because the sleeep-wake button is stuck and I have use Acccesibilty to bring up the shutdown.

    On 5 I was able to bring up the multitasking list and could go to the photos.

  • india

    bullshit post