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Apple just released iOS 7.0.2 and already people have found a way to circumvent the lockscreen. The new procedure is quite a bit more complicated but once completed it will give access to the phone application. From the phone app users can send information via email or text/iMessage on the victims phone.

Steps to complete the procedure.

1. Make a phone call with Siri

2. Click Facetime

3. When Facetime pops up put your device to sleep

4. Turn on your phone and swipe

5. Answer and end the Facetime call at the other end

6. Click the + cancel the menu and then end the call. After a while you will be in the phone app.


  • Mars

    So much for the fix Apple….

  • Vladyk

    jajaja the second bypass :DD

  • Beverly

    Oh yes, I LOVED seeing this video!

  • Nhat Thanh


    • prozzini


  • Steve

    this is so useless, why would you want to do all that steps for? lol, those guys that discovers these kinds of bugs, THOSE really need a job…

    • Bob

      Those guys who discovers these are doing their jobs already.

    • yabadap

      lols. this tricks are very useful to cellphone thieves. or do you want them to cut your finger instead. =)

  • atsamee

    If I understand it well, the hacked phone has to be unlocked first (to start a call) to be able to unlock it again. Right?

    But if it is not locked initially, there is nothing to hack. And if it is locked initially, you are not able to start a call to hack.

    • atsamee

      Oh, it is with siri. nevermind my comment.

  • Julian

    What I don’t get pretty well is how to discover things? Do these guys have to do a deep search on the raw code of iOS? By the way you can see that I missed a “these” on “… Discover THESE things…” By some reason I can’t correct my message on these text box… fuck iOS…

  • Sowhat

    And android is so much more secure. Give me a break. So someone can send a text if they steal my phone. By then I’ll have locked it, reported it stolen, and have a new one in my hand from the insurance I got on it. It will be a useless brick. If they do get off a text or call they are most likely unlimited anyway so freakin what

  • Noob

    How to call if contact doesn’t have save the number?