2 years, 9 months ago

One of the largest downsides of upgrading your iPhone is the lack of a jailbreak and the customization that comes with it. Over the last few months a few useful tools that provide a small amount of customization have arrived in the form of a computer program that work with non jailbroken devices. Today, a new program named CarrierEditor was released, its purpose to help change the carrier icon. CarrierEditor works like Zeppelin, however, it requires a few more steps because it must perform on non jailbroken devices. That being said, it is simple to use and our video tutorial above covers all the steps required.

Currently the program is only available for the mac. The download comes with some pre-made icons that can be used in the process.

Download [Mac]

Download [Win]

Heres a quick icon we made for jailbreaknation fans.

CarrierEditor was created by Pix3lDemon and uhelios.

  • ICE

    why did it not work, window 7,iphone 4,ios 7

  • Minami Kana

    There is no Sprint?

  • Miles Prower

    Where can you get other logos?

  • ezzszsz

    does it work on ios 8 ???

  • Helppp

    Can you put Lycamobile in the carrier stuff because its not in there and i want to change my logo