2 years, 11 months ago

Let’s face it. The twitter app for iOS sucks, which means it’s really bad news that Twitter insist on restricting their API access – but that’s another story. Due to the general ‘suckiness’ of Twitter’s stock app, many third party options are available, my personal favourite being Tweetbot, but there are a variety of others. A new jailbreak tweak has just been released which will let you personalise your twitter client of choice just a little – clients such as Tweetbot, Twitterific and Tweetlist. ‘Customize Twitter Clients’ lets you change certain colours within the app, which can be a great thing – or an awful thing depending on your configuration. I took it for a spin in the video below:

The tweak does what it says on the tin, and it does that well. However for the relatively steep price of $2, it would be nice to see some UI customisation itself, as opposed to just colours of fonts and smaller aspects included within the app. Saying this however, if you’re looking to get a little bit more personality out of one of your Twitter clients, this may be a good way to start. It certainly can make for an interesting interface, as you can see with my before or after shot:


As I said, ‘Customize Twitter Clients’ is in the BigBoss repo for free, but will require a $2 activation fee. So be sure you really want to use this tweak before purchasing it.

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    Is this kind of any tweak available for twitter.?