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There are a lot of cool accessories built for the iPhone one of which, the Palm Top Theater, caught our eye. First off, we should probably note that the product is not very practical as it only works with videos built for the system and is more of just a gimmick. That being said the one demonstration it does produce is quite mind blowing and unique to anything ever done with a smart phone.

Essentially the product angles three see through panels that pick up light and display videos with a given depth. The Palm Top Theater works with a companion application that can be downloaded for free on the iPhone. Videos range from free to around $1.99 and while there aren’t many yet the produceders claim more are coming. If you find the product cool enough to want one for yourself head over to the official site where you can pick one up for around $35. The device works for all iPhones 3GS or newer.

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    A small correction, ‘The device works for all iPhones 3GS or newer.’ This isnt true, the iPhone 5 isnt compatible :)

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