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It was time for a clean slate

These were the words before which Chpwn decided to update all of his ‘infiniapps’ line. Infiniboard, Infinidock and Infinifolder are some of the most used jailbreak tweaks in Cydia, but they’ve recently got a bit stale. Chpwn has taken it upon himself to update these tweaks, and update them he has. They have all gone live within Cydia with 2.0 versions, fit with iOS 6 support. If you haven’t tried out any of these tweaks before, I highly reccommend you do so. They offer up a pletora of useful features, and now with Grant’s ‘rebuilt from the ground up’ code, they should run and perform even better.

He mentions that all of the existing features available in the Infiniapps line still remains, the main focuses of this update is bug fixes and compatibility. It’s always nice to see developers release updates like this, as it shows that they’re not giving up on their older creations. If you want to go ahead and read Chpwn’s blog post about it, you can here. Otherwise here is the main gist:

And so today I’m releasing new versions of all of the Infiniapps, rebuilt from the ground up for iOS 5 and iOS 6. But while the core is brand new, all of your favorite features, settings, and purchases are still there, and everything should seamlessly carry over into the new versions. I also added a few new features — scrollbars and bouncing settings are now an option in Infinidock, for example — and new features should be much easier to add in the future.

Once again, all of the updates can be found within Cydia, and if you’ve never looked at Chpwn’s tweaks before – now is definitely the time to do so.

[Via Chpwn]

  • sam

    fails with iPhone 4 GSM 6.0.1 Tethered JB

  • Specializer

    So let me get this straight, this guy has time to update useless addons noone can use, because their devices are not jailbroken. Instead of working on iphone 5 jailbreak… This is getting so stupid… I bet you apple paid these guys like a million dollars to delay the process, for it to never to be released. They got 3 million from apple to keep playing ring around the rosey, on twitter posting fake pictures… All the while in their hello kitty jammys… ACCEPT DONATIONS TO MAKE JAILBREAKING A JOB, OR GET HELP…. This long for a jailbreak is unacceptable. I hope you guys dont even call yourself dev team anymore, you should rename it to fox news…

  • sdhgfdsh

    lol JBN deleted my post about chpwn working on useless addons, instead of the actual jailbreak millions are waiting for… You know fuck this website, im not returning to this. This website sucks… Change Jailbreaknation to Fox News please… You guys blow!

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.stavrakis.9 Michael Stavrakis

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