Microsoft recently released their tablet, the Microsoft Surface, and many people have decided to buy it instead of an iPad. However, lots of people wonder, which is better. We wont be telling you that, but we will provide you with a comprehensive comparison between the software functions of the two devices, so you can see how they stack up against each other.

  • Marcos Alvarez

    learn how to use gestures on ipad

    • Faiz Faisal

      LoL – please forward the URL to him… LoL… after watching him switch btw them apps… using the home button… more LoL

  • Aihax

    U silly guy, learn gestures before review! iPad has swipe function to navigate between apps! And other swipe guestures! LOL

  • DaniPoo

    It does not emulate the dektop.. The desktop runs is native to windows 8. The startscreen however runs like a fullscreen app. Dont throw around the word emulation if you dont know what it is

  • Aman jhawar

    exactly just learn how to work on ipad gestures ! however thumbs up !}

  • Faiz Faisal

    uhmmm… what is this i hear… base OS for surface is about 12G without the Apps being installed

  • rischon

    what wrong with this dude…. you don’t a home button on an ipad anymore if you think about it, doesn’t he know about the four & five finger gestures? really bad review…

  • rischon

    haha i didn’t finish watching the video….he’s awkward with the gestures…anyway

  • Afanasiu Adrian

    If you don’t know aboute 4/5 fingers gestures on iPad don’t even try to make a review.

  • Chief

    Don’t make a review if you don’t know things, multitasking in iPad just use 4/5 fingers to switch between apps.