3 years ago

I wrote a post a few days ago titled 6.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak Almost Complete which was met by many comments and remarks from the both extremes. Some thought that the news meant that the jailbreak was imminent and that they should upgrade their devices now which is not the case. On the other side, people were accusing us of spreading false information and that everything that we said was not true, which is also not what happened. The post was based off of P0sixninja’s tweets, who is a established hacker in the field so in no way was the information faked. Soon after Musclenerd made a tweet claiming that all the blogs had the wrong info and that the boot rom had not been dumped since 2010. This is what started a lot of the hating.


P0sixninja responded with some technical speech basically stating that he had progress and it was not entirely what Musclenerd had expected.


I hope you will use this information to better understand the situation and make decisions for yourself. Its hard to tell when the jailbreak will come out, so I will leave you with a tweet that explains why.


  • Anan

    Thanks guys for every thing really …. Just for you to know I refresh jailbreaknation 1000 times a day because am waiting any new comment about the jailbreak and I hate my dump iPhone without jailbreak waiting the jailbreak every day

  • Jinx10000

    I think you post decent information but you sensationalize your titles. Keep it simple and not misleading and your followers will appreciate it.

    • iPrimal

      Exactly. You can never judge these articles on face value. It’s always misleading.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MrDavidShields David Shields

    I’ll upgrade when it’s a go, not until then. I will not ” Assume” that it will be accomplished, there may be a snag along the way that my prevent it.

  • Jinx10000

    For example, it has not been stated by anyone that the jailbreak is almost complete.

  • Kbat

    Great I upgraded based on that first post that 6.01 jailbreak was close. Thanks a lot.

    • iRONic

      Ha! I’m sorry, did you just say you upgraded based on news that a jailbreak was imminent? Kinda like not knowing how to swim and jumping into the deep end because you heard someone say the lifeguard was starting his shift soon. Lesson learnt for you: never base important decisions on only circumstantial evidence. And please stop blaming others (jbnation) for your overeagerness.

      • http://www.facebook.com/stretchymantis Jason Dunn

        I agree. A hasty decision off of an assumption that something will be done, while knowing that it still has not is just asking for it. Even the best of laid out plans are fraught with obstacles, and this is a needle-in-a-haystack situation. Why not just upgrade after you know it’s complete and not before? Seems pretty obvious that it’s the safest route to go.

    • Amused


  • http://twitter.com/th3hunter Sevim Halibrqm

    It is true, at first i thought that the JB is ready from the title , but when i read the post understand what it is actually ! So yes keep it simple and there will be no confusions :)

  • iPrimal

    For the record; If I understand correctly, the boot rom has more to do with tethered jailbreaks, and downgrading. Saying that an untethered jailbreak is almost complete (your words) was a complete lie. p0sixninja even said that he was working on something more important than an untethered jailbreak.

    Please research more before posting, and getting everyone’s hopes up. And please stop using misleading headlines. Thank you.

  • http://twitter.com/RealAngelCuevas Angel ツ

    You guys never gave false info. People need to read ad understand what they are reading. I read “almost complete” to me that “almost” doesn’t mean 90% done. To me that’s from 1%-99%. I don’t know when will it ready or how complete it is all I got from that article is that it’s on it’s works already. And that’s a great update for me.! Lets me know that people are working hard to do so. Thanks guys for updating all of us with the information you are giving us.

    • iPrimal

      The person they are reporting on never said they were working on an untethered jailbreak. So it was completely false.

  • iPrimal

    “Joshua Hill ‏@p0sixninja

    I never said i was working on an untethered jailbreak for iOS6. I’m working on something to insure jailbreaks will be around for a long time”

  • http://www.facebook.com/DavidGolubenkoRussiankidRUS777 Давид Голубенко

    hey is this jailbreak gonna work for ipod touch 5