2 years, 4 months ago

For the past several months, we have been working on developing an iPhone game. We have finally released the game on to the App Store, and it is known as Corridors – The Endless Maze Game!. Corridors costs $0.99 and is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can find it on the App Store here, and to celebrate the release we are having giveaways on the Corridors Facebook page. Be sure to like that page to win gift cards and promo codes!

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jul 21, 2013 2.28.53 PM2

Corridors is a game of randomly generated mazes, with endless levels that are different every time you play. The goal of the game is simple, drag the blue square through the maze from the red square to the green square. The mazes however, are not so simple. With 3 different game modes, you can play Corridors 3 different ways so you never get bored.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jul 9, 2013 6.57.17 PM

Casual has no time limit and allows you to practice solving mazes, Time Trial gives you two minutes to solve as many mazes as you can, and Survival gives you just a small time bonus for each maze, and the mazes get bigger as you go. Many hours have been spent working on the maze generation so that you get the best mazes that have a solution every time.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jul 9, 2013 7.48.18 PM

Many more updates are planned for Corridors, and we will constantly be adding features from fan suggestions, so go check it out on the App Store now!


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    I liked facebook page and buy the app because I want to win free gift cards and promo codes. thanks

  • dan

    are you guys ever going to fix your mobile site and rss feed?