4 years, 3 months ago

Ever since Comex has been hired by Apple, many people has been saying its “the beginning of the end.” Apple has made some key moves of hiring jailbreak people. Peter Hajas for example, the person who is responsible for MobileNotifier, which is mostly responsible for helping Apple come up with iOS 5 notification center. Now Apple has hired the person behind JailbreakMe and one of the most prominent jailbreak hackers, Comex.

This cat and mouse game has been getting really intense. Both the Dev teams have decided not to show any exploits before the release of iOS 5. The loss of Comex is very sad for jailbreakers, but that doesn’t mean there are no new hackers right? P0sixninja has tweeted that there will be new hackers joining the Chronic Dev Team.

The Chronic Dev Team has 9 astute hackers, the Dev Team has 10 official members, and there are a lot of independent hackers like iH8Sn0w and others that contribute. With the loss of Steve Jobs and Comex, the cat and mouse game will be different, but it will continue!