2 years, 6 months ago

During the videos that I produce here on JBN on a weekly basis, such as iOS 6 Cydia Picks, I get asked what my favourite jailbreak tweaks are. In the past, I’ve done features highlighting things like this, however I’ve been wanting to start a project like this for a while, and I think now is the right time. This is a community driven project to create the Perfect Jailbroken iPhone. More information is explained below, and the first episode is showcased in the video following:

The Lock screen theme displayed in today’s episode can be found in Cydia with the following information:

  • Peekly, free, ModMyi.
  • Peekly+, $0.99, ModMyi.

If you’re into this series idea, be sure to let me know by possibly giving a thumbs up on the YouTube video above, and also shoot any suggestions for tweaks and themes that I should consider incorporating into the Perfect Jailbroken iPhone project!

  • Nico

    Got it installed and everything however it doesn’t show up or work, does it need to be the only jailbreak tweak on my phone? Does it clash with anything known? Thanks

    • kiaun

      sometimes it crashes. do you have any other lock screen enabled?

  • Ajmal

    What is the name of the theme u have?

    • kiaun

      peekly n’ peekly +

  • Hello World

    Weather is not working on Peekly at all.

    • kiaun

      try getting peekly+ then get a new clock for the normal peekly then respring

      • Hello World

        Tried that; however, it’s still not working, purged the package and reinstalled it, left the settings as default for the Weather (for Toronto) and still no luck.

        • Pipo

          same problem here.. just a big “N/A” showing…

          • Hello World

            A new version was released that corrected this bug.

  • Jeffrey

    Doesn’t work with LockInfo

    • kiaun

      do you have any other lock screen enabled

      • Jeffrey

        Only lockinfo .. how is it possible to have another lockscreen enabled when you can only choose one at a time

  • Pav Sidhu

    How is your status bar transparent in the homescreen? What tweak is this?

  • Randy Mcmahon

    6.1.3/6.1.4 Untethered Jailbreak is available for all iDevices.

    See the release at WWW.evasi0njb.NET


    where do you get your wristband and how is it called?

  • Chaos_Angel95

    get Subtlelock, livepapers Nexus, intelliscreenX, and the themes Glasklart, Neurotech Siri 2, iOS 6 ColorfulStatusbar, and if you want a font go with the Nexa Font

  • David Wolfe

    Does NOT work on IOS7