2 years, 4 months ago

A little while ago, I introduced a new project to you, in which I’m going to be creating the ‘Perfect Jailbroken iPhone’, using community suggestions. In this particular episodes, we’re going to be concentrating on entire winterboard themes. That is, the theme which imposes most on your iOS device.

One of the most popular types of package on Cydia, there is an enormous amount of choices that you could go for. Some honorable mentions in this category go to themes like Colorific, Ayecon however I decided to go with something a little less mainstream. Episode 3 of the Perfect Jailbroken iPhone, can be found below:

The theme information for this episode is below:

  • inPulse (retina), $2.99, ModMyi.

As always leave your suggestions for tweaks and themes that should be included in this project in the comments below.

  • applemaniac9331

    Hi, how did you change the iphone 5 side frame to the one your using now. the red coloured ones.

    • http://knowntips.com/ Raheemullah Khan

      He sent his iPhone to MendMyi (Google it) and they custumized it.

  • Djskunky

    Website only load the first page, you can’t load old articles. Even on pco mobile version

  • Brandon Piening

    Try flat icons, it’s amazing, has a full ui theme in it now
    The best

    • Neroy

      i agree with you, Flat icon is the bomb.

  • cr0w_69

    I have this theme and i have to say it is pretty amazing. The only downside is that i hasnt been updated in a while and it should have icons for iOS 6 (such as Passbook). If the creator would to update this theme it would be absolutely amazing. Other than that there is not much complaints, probably change the lockscreen so that there is no “shadow” that we see under the clock and all that.