3 years, 5 months ago

Recently an app with the generic name “Display Recorder” made its way into Apple’s App Store. The app works very similarly to the popular Cydia package with the same name. Display Recorder from the App Store does however contain a few features that the Cydia counterpart lacks. The first noticeable difference is that the app records audio from the iPhone’s microphone and merges it with the recorded video. Secondly, the app records in a format that is instantly available to view on your device unlike the package from Cydia. For more information check out our video demonstration below.

Note that if you live somewhere other than the U.S  read the app’s description for information on how to fix bugs that may occur.

  • ViviaZhan

    You also have to pay money for it unlike the Cydia repos where you can get it for free.


    thanks for sharing guys…

  • PhilippeVanGucht

    You can get it free with hackulo repo
    Than install the app…

  • xgoldhawkx

    I just tested and not nearly as good yeah the voice is cool but I can do the same with iMovie after I make my recording add the voice to it. This app has a red bar the whole time it is running and the Cydia one does not also this app does not show were u touch on the screen. Cydia app blows this one away!

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  • Mika

    My App Store doesn’t find it

    • KSF_331

      You just need to type screen recorder then go to ipad apps you”ll find the disp recorder. I haven’t tested it though so I don’t know how it will work.

      • Guest

        Sadly no register udid costs money

  • Unknown

    U have to pay for this app and it records whats on ur camra not ur screen

  • Demetrios Kepas

    I got display recorder on iPod touch 5 gen 6.1.3 so yes I’m not jailbroken ill tell u how 1 get Display Recorder ipa 1.0 only 1.0 because only one that’s ipa not deb 2 register your udid and 3 download instasign or imodsign Mac only wait for signing then you drag to iTunes and install on ipod warning for 5 gen wouldn’t show whole screen for was not formatted for bigger screen like the 5 gen has in review

    1 download ipa 1.0

    2 register udid

    3 download signing program

    4 sign it


    • asfsdfffssfd

      is it free?

      • Demetrios Kepas

        Sadly no regsitering udid costs money


    So how do I download it ???????