3 years, 8 months ago

Every now and then, a tweak comes along and genuinely perplexes me by making me think; “Why on earth would I need that?” However, the great thing with some of these tweaks, is that their functionality is most certainly there – you just have to look for it. DockHide is a perfect example of this, the tweak itself doesn’t give much to the imagination, it’s not particularly functional or pretty, in fact it removes functionality. However when you combine it with a different tweak, like for example, ‘Deck’ it comes up leaps and bounds.

The stretched icons option adds a nice clean look to your springboard, and it just feels totally at one with Deck. I am throughly enjoying the two together, and if you haven’t already tried it. I highly recommend you do.

DockHide is available from the ModMyi Repo for free.


  • edwardthegreat

    Deck is stupid IMO because you can only activate it in the springboard.