2 years, 5 months ago

Recently, many  people have upgraded to the developer betas of iOS 7 without knowing the bugs and restrictions that follow. Whether it be battery issues, messaging bugs, application support, or whatnot this guide will show you how to downgrade back to the current firmware version. The proces is simple and will work fine until iOS 7 gets its public release. Apple only allows users to downgrade to the current firmware version, which is now 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 (iPhone 5).


1. Open iTunes and plug in your device

2. Download your respectives devices firmware file

3. Hold shift on Windows alt on Mac and click restore. Select the firmware you downloaded and the downgrade will start

  • gasta

    whenever i download iOS 6.1.3 for iPhone 5 (GSM) it save as zip file … shouldnt it be as ipsw
    please help

  • Rahul

    I have an iPhone 5 64GB A1429(6.1.4) and when i choose the file to downgrade it says file not compatible.
    So how do i go about it? How do I restore?
    Need your help!

  • Imy

    I am now downgraded my iphone.. and it’s work Thank You! (:

  • Grisha Racu

    Hello! I have an iPhone 4, i try to dowgrade from iOS 7 to 6.1.3 as you write.. Finally i have eror …help pls!!

  • juventus31

    3194 error

  • hooverman

    i guess this no longer works as I’ve downloaded the files and unzipped them and they won’t open in iTunes to restore my 4s to 6.1.3

  • hamza

    can i downgrade my 4S (7.0/11A465) to 6.1.3/10B329 ??

  • Saad Abdallah

    do u know how i can jailbreak my ps3

  • jayanti

    when i downgrade n select ipsw file it start but nathing happen it stuck at ifaith logo nathi happen after 1 hour later …. please help

  • shubh sharma

    i owns iphone 5 sprint from usa. want to restore it back to ios 6, i have downloaded ipsw file for cdma but on restoring with itunes after extracting it gives error as the file is not compatible with the device. please help me with the exact process.

  • sohail

    i have downloaded the file and its rar file and I have open it with win rar software but there is no ipsw file in it there are many file but not ipsw the biggest file inside is DMG file. please help me how to downgrade my iphone 4.

  • abhilash

    can i use this process for iphone4s?
    does it work??? plz help

  • xanje

    its a fake

  • Shaurya

    Hey i wish to downgrade my iphone 4 from iOS 6 to iOS 7 !! Is there any risk/propability of the phone getting dead ?? please help

  • Awesome

    how to downgrade for ipad mini