4 years ago

Hidden in iOS 5 is a keyboard feature that Apple disabled. Watch this video to see it in action and for instructions on how to install it.

1. Download iBackUpBot

2. Code






  • fleamckeon123

    Don’t do this! Every word you type you have to confirm before hitting space and it makes it really hard to text fast.

    • AdrianDUrso

      @fleamckeon123 maybe that is why it was not incorporated :)

  • DavidAtkins

    agreed this looks better than it is you have to choose the word before you can type another word! and it doesnt even recognise hello!?

    • AdrianDUrso

      @DavidAtkins maybe that is why it was not incorporated :)

      • DavidAtkins

        @AdrianDUrso good point :) haha

  • nunley15

    Yeah it seems like it would slow me down. :/

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  • JackPilgrim

    Nooo thank you. Slowing it down a lot. All things Apple Giveaway

  • rayaand000

    ehhhhh All things apple giveaway

  • JoshJones

    is there nothing in Cydia for this?

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  • JorgeBasilio

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  • KeithMichaels

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  • MarkAlanguilan

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  • dejjisch

    Wow I did this and indeed I dont like this at all… it fucked up my iPhone now! :S someone please help me. It wont sync and make any backups through iTunes anymore, it tries to and at step 6 of 6 when it’s all done it says I have disconnected my iPhone and therefore it wasnt able to make the backup. Does it everytime. What should I do!??!

  • dejjisch

    I try to restore backup through the program iBackupBot but it says my iphone isnt connected and all, but it is. it shows up in iTunes, but same thing there it says I’ve disconnected it… :S got damnit… anyone have any idea?!

  • Clouddl


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