2 years, 9 months ago

If you have had trouble jailbreaking with Evasi0n over the past couple days, you will be happy to hear that the Evad3rs today released a new version of the massively popular jailbreak tool, that includes fixes for the most common problems that people have experienced with the tool.

These fixes have already been posted to Cydia in the form of downloadable packages for those that have already jailbroken, but for anyone that hasn’t make sure you’re using the newest version. This update fixes two bugs, one that caused users to have obscenely long boot times, and another that caused the Weather app to crash. You can download this newest version from our downloads page.

  • odedo1

    Apple is already fucking every body up really fast, you probebly got a month till no more restoring and jailbraking, Dam Tim cock he culdnt wait, now one stupid bug in one of Cydia Apps and restoring without a jailbreak! and the thing is that Cydia itself is not ready for iOS 6 and iPhone 5, every day new upgrades for fixing bugs which creates different bugs, This is the worst it ever been and all because Tim made sure that from 6.0 and up no more downgrading, no more use for SHSH blobs!

  • gsa1772

    how do i sync to itunes… for some reason dont detected?

  • Jack

    Guys!! Is It Working Good Or Not ???

  • jim

    my weather app still doesnt work. any solutions?

  • Umair

    To Evasi0n,
    After updating Cydia, weather app still doesnt work, crashes immediately. Tried again with the 1.1 version of you jailbreak but still crashes. The app works fine in the notification center but doesnt open. You need to fix it guys