2 years, 8 months ago

With the Evasi0n jailbreak still available on iOS 6, the evad3rs have been pushing out regular updates with bug and compatibility fixes. It has been noted however that iOS 6.1.3 will likely break this trend, since betas have shown that some of the important exploits have been patched.

The latest version of Evasi0n, 1.5.3, brings support for French, German, and Chinese, for those non English jailbreakers. These languages were actually released with 1.5.2 earlier today, which caused a crash on Windows. However, the evad3rs were quick to patch that up, and have the fully working version available now. As always, this update can be found on our downloads page. Stay tuned for more news!

  • http://www.facebook.com/irvingthepenguin Irving Quintana

    haha i downloaded it right before this post only cause i deleted it by accident

  • hontonimo

    i already jail brake my iphone 4s with evasion 1.4 and i found some error @ autoanswer cydia do need to re jailbrake again with the latest evasion to solve the problem? hope anyone can answer me here.

  • Fshumayrqan

    download the harlem shake, awesome