2 years, 3 months ago

Recently, we managed to get our hands on a prototype version of the backing for the upcoming iPhone 5S gold edition. Because the anodized aluminum was such an issue for the iPhone 5, we decided to see if the new iPhone holds up any better. The results were pretty interesting.

Here you can see us test the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 with coins (as you might find in your pocket), and we decided to take it to the extreme just to see how much damage we could do between the two devices with a knife. The scratches caused by the coin did virtually no damage to the gold iPhone 5S while they caused quite a problem with the black iPhone 5. Because of the materials underneath the black version shows obvious holes in the paint that look terrible, this however was not the case with the iPhone 5S. When it came to the knife test overall the damage looks worse on the gold iPhone 5S. This is because the long marks and deep scratches  are more visible with the gold background. The iPhone 5 black shows practically nothing other than the parts where the silver underneath shows.


We hope this test helped educate you on what color device to get if you chose to do so. Stay tuned for more content regarding this and other unreleased Apple products.

  • Brad Trinh

    Too much talking…

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  • Faizel

    6:33 sounds like it is only a case lol……

  • ante

    of course it sound like a case, its empty.. no screeen in there, no motherboard you smart ass

  • Hadar Noam

    Freddy, what model hunting knife is that?

  • greg

    fed up too much crap talk

  • Esi

    Das ist stink normales Alu -.- Kein wunder das es Spuren bekommt.

  • MushMash

    The iPhone 5 is colored using anodization, which creates a really tough surface. The only real way to make scratches is to make so much damage that pieces of the aluminum chips off. So the back of the iPhone 5 is actually very scratch resistant, as you saw in the video. The problem however is the high gloss edges, and the problem is not that the “coloring” is falling off, it’s tiny pieces of aluminum that chips off, leaving scratches.

    And as you can see on both the rumored champagne and the grey (not black) case, they have uncolored edges, to eliminate that problem.

  • Shannan Lim

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