2 years, 3 months ago


Today, we have some amazing news as both Tanner & I are very excited to be the very first to show off the new iPhone 5S color option dubbed ‘Graphite’. The casing looks very similar to the white iPhone 5 model, however, it does have some differences. The front panel (which is missing from the video demonstration) will most likely be black and resemble the current black iPhone 5’s look. The sides appear to be a darker silver than seen on the current generation white iPhone 5 along with the back. The two top and bottom non metal back pieces will be black similar to the current black iPhone 5. Similar to the God/Champagne model, the led flash hole is larger and will work with the slightly modified insides seen in the 5S. Make sure not to miss our hands on below.

It is rumored that Apple will release the iPhone 5S in four colors, black, white, silver/graphite, and gold/champagne. There is no telling whether the second two will cost more or require upgrades. That being said, these prototypes are from manufacturing sites in China and are up to change by the final release. Make sure to check back to JailbreakNation for more prototype exclusives shortly.


  • snailpo

    are they putting a different flash on them? cause the hole looks very different

    • Tom

      dual LED flash is what iv herd from earlier videos

      • snailpo

        Bout time. i usually only use it for a flash light… but more light the better lol