2 years, 10 months ago

Just a day after Facebook changed their search feature they made another change to continue to keep people locked into their service. Earlier today, the company began to roll out VoIP features to mobile users on their mobile Facebook Messenger application. The service allows you to make free calls to any Facebook friend over an internet connection.  The new feature will reportedly appear without an App Store update (given you are on the newest version) and while it has been spotted on many phones, it has not made its way to all accounts.

To see if you have the feature download and open Facebook Messenger tap on a conversation and then the information icon in the top right hand side and a window will come up with a free call option. Free calls will only work if both users have the service so don’t expect many contacts right away. Calling does not use your network calling plan and instead works over the internet using either wifi or data. If you have a small data limit we recommend you monitor your data as long calls may cost you in overages.