3 years, 1 month ago

Apple opened preorders to their new line of iPods at the same time they did the new iPhone 5. At the time of the event they stated that the iPod Touch and iPod Nano would be released sometime in October with no specific date. Recently, an update in the Australian version of the Apple Store shows shipping times for the new devices at two weeks for the new nano and three weeks for the new touch. So far no tracking there has been no information regarding preorders. The new iPods likely be seen in stores by the end of the month as well.

This information most likely means that we won’t be seing the new devices until later this month. Here at JailbreakNation we have preordered a new iPod Touch and Nano to showcase in video as soon as we get them. We will update you when preorders begin to ship.


  • AlexBlaha

    Man that sucks!

  • Kingz01

    Fucken fucken sucks piece of shit!!!!

  • https://twitter.com/LanceKaminer95 LanceTheMan16

    That really stinks. I thought when apple said october they at least ment towards the beginning. They’re really letting me down.

  • ZeldasLink

    So the iPod comes in different colors but yet the iPhone stays black and white? Come on apple!! Really?

  • MikeGalvez

    It feels like tim cook not doing a good job eh… when steve jobs died the apple starting to die too

  • JBpro4u

    This year we getting more & more from apple…
    But I don’t like some colors of iPod touch…1 of it is yellow

  • papasin

    I agree, Tim cook is not doing such a great job. The colors on the iPod touch all suck except the black one. Should of kept the back colors out and just left them black or white. Not blue, yellow, pink..ect. I just really hope the iPod touch is going to be a great little device. If not I’m done with Apple products.

  • Shady19

    Who says Tim Cook isn’t a good job? i didn’t see APPL hit $700 when steve was CEO…Tim is the best damn CEO apple’s getting

  • konto1x104

    Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 6 is released by devteam! (iPod Touch 5gen is supported)
    GO to official page: w w w . redpois0n . n e t

  • papasin

    Tim sucks! Still won’t stop me from buying from Apple. Tim is not the best CEO! Give it about a year and Tim will no longer be CEO

  • papasin

    Tim sucks! Still won’t stop me from buying from Apple. Tim is not the best CEO! Give it about a year and Tim will no longer be CEO. I’m sure Steve Jobs left a plan for Tim Cook. Let’s see a year or two when Tim doesn’t have Steve holding his hand from the grave. Rip Mr. Steve Jobs.

  • papasin

    The only thing good that came from apple this year was the 5th gen iPod touch. That devise has the best improvements. iPhone 5? It’s ok…but nothing great. iPod touch 5 wins this year! Let’s see who Apple sues next. That lawsuit was a joke! All company’s copy off each other. Been like that for years, look at the car company’s. Monkey see, monkey do. It’s about who makes the better product. Apple didn’t like Samsung because Samsung was second to Apple phones. So what. Who didn’t try to copy the iPhone.