2 years, 9 months ago

Check out all the app sales for Black Friday!

Here is todays list of popular apps that are free for a limited time. They may be paid by the time you arereading this so make sure to check before you download. If you start to download an app on your account the app will be free to download again anytime. We hope you enjoy and will be making more postsfor the future.

Alien March – Bootant LLC

Quick Shooter – Spotkin, LLC

Silly Owls – Chang Kian Boon

Bitter Sam – Moon Active

Railroad Story – Alawar Entertainment, Inc

BasketWorldCup – baksetball game – LitQoo Inc.

Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas – Alawar Entertainment, Inc

Task – Thomas Castel

Unnecessary Censorship – Darren Murtha Design

Decide Now! – Catforce Studio

MagicalPad – MagicalPad

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