2 years, 4 months ago

The Note II was an extremely popular smartphone. It brought size, battery life, flagship specifications, and more to the table. The Note III is rumored to be the next big thing (no pun intended), and it has improved every year. Detailed images were released recently showing us the alleged device, and some of the key specifications that we could see. For starters, it appears that the screen is 5.7”-6.0”. The pictures were a bit vague, but this would clock in at an improvement from the Note II’s 5.5” screen. Up next, a 1080p screen. 1080p screens are the bee’s knees, and are the future of smartphones. Imagine all your glorious content on an ultra-HD screen! Furthermore, it will rock a 4000 mAH battery, and 3GB of RAM. This would allow the phone to not only be a beast, but allow the user to use the device to unprecedented lengths. IFA 2013, in Berlin, begins Sept. 6th, and that is where we’d expect to see the Note III. Rumors are stating from an insider that the phone will be released in Berlin, just two days prior to IFA 2013. Sept 4th will be a big day for this big smartphone! Overall, the Note III will not disappoint any consumer with it’s size, and specifications!

What do you think about the Note III? Let me know below!

  • taha amer

    i think that i wouldnt be able to buy it cuz iam already stuck with my iPhone 5 @_@

  • Anonymous

    Why are you posting android things while this is an iDevice website…?

    • Anonymous

      It’s a jailbreak site

    • toro

      that’s how iphone users are.. lol